About us

The Plague Pit is a 'definitely-not-cursed' clothing company, founded in the midst of the 2020 pandemic by Claudia; described by her parents as having 'always been a morbid child'.

Claudia is accompanied at her stall by mascot and entity of unknown power, Derek the Plague Crow, who gains strength with every purchase- whether this is a good or bad thing is as-yet unknown.

Specialising in hand-printed and handmade clothing and accessories, inspired by the historic and the macabre. Products include t shirts, hoodies, tote bags, stickers, badges, art prints and jewellery. 

For more information on print care please visit our FAQ page.

For updates including upcoming markets and seasonal information please find us on Instagram @theplaguepit

Or contact us by email theplaguepit@hotmail.com