What is this?

The Plague Pit is a print shop based in Glasgow. We have a number of different designs that we can print on shirts, bags, art prints and stickers.

Who are you?

My name's Claudia, I formed this shop during the pandemic as a side hustle and it's grown from there! I did a little screen printing in college but I'm largely self-taught and have learned a lot from this experience. I attended art school in 2015 and have lived in Glasgow ever since, my other job is as a prop maker for theatre and film!

Have I met you before?

Possibly! We visit craft markets and events up and down the UK so it's possible you've met me (and Derek the plague crow)!

Why "The Plague Pit"?

Mainly because I enjoy the history of medicine and anatomy, plague doctors and the macabre, it's not a phase.

How do you make the stuff?

We source our imaging from library books, museum archives and manuscripts, make sure it's out of copyright and edit it to suit the design, usually by combining the image with a stupid joke or saying Claudia thinks is funny. We then take those designs and print them out onto transparent film and expose them on a photosensitive pre-prepped silk screen. The design is then printed using water based ink on a printing press! The product is then allowed to dry and heat cured using a heat press.

Can I get a different colour shirt/ink?

We have a set aesthetic that we don't really differ from. Occasionally we will do limited prints in different colours for events such as pride month which we will advertise on our Instagram!

How can I make sure my print lasts for as long as possible?

We recommend washing the shirt on a colder wash, inside out, with similar coloured laundry. Designs can vary in how long they last but as ink soaks into the material, it is a longer lasting print compared to DTG (Direct to garment) and Vinyl printing.